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Power your Talent Acquisition

On-demand Video Interviews

Yobs lets you interview 100% of your candidates on their own time with smart video interviews. Reducing time-to-hire by a whopping 28 days.

Assess & Rank Candidates

Yobs provides an initial, data driven assessment of soft skills and culture fit. We then create a report for every candidate. Yobs reports increases the success rate of in-person interviews by 42%.

Seamless Integrations

Yobs integrates in your ATS and HRIS systems for seamless enterprise-wide usage and continuous learning.

Leverage On-Demand Video Interviewing for More Engagement

Free up your schedule and theirs with On-Demand Video Interviewing, allowing candidates to record their video interview whenever is most convenient. No more painful scheduling and video conferencing bugs.

Assess and Rank Candidates for Soft Skills, Qualifications and Culture Fit

Once your candidates complete your personalized interview, Yobs assesses, ranks and creates a report for each. We do this with state of the arts natural language processing technology powered by assessment science.

Share Insights with Automatically Generated Candidate reports

Share and download exclusive PDF reports on every candidate's strengths, weaknesses, and how they compare with others on soft skills and dimensions of personality. Take them to meetings, onsite interviews and more!

Review Only the Best Candidate Profiles or Watch Every Single Interview

Sift through your candidate pool, sorted by best fit to discover your strongest candidates. You can watch as many or as little video interviews as your schedule allows for. It's up to you.

Companies That Hire With Yobs

Double their hiring capacity within the first quarter of using Yobs.
Cut down time-to-hire by 60%, by streamlining the steps between resume screening & making an offer.
Make more informed decisions to hire better, more diverse candidates faster.
Based on numbers provided by a 3,000-person client, the company saved an estimated
annually using Yobs Technologies.
***Figure does not include impact of better hires, lower turnover costs, and employer brand/candidate experience driven by Yobs.
**For a 3,000-person company, with an average of 30 recruiters at the industry-rate salary of $60k/annually who cut their time to hire by 60%.
Double their hiring capacity within the first quarter of using Yobs.
Cut down time-to-hire by 60%, by streamlining the steps between resume screening & making an offer.
Make more informed decisions to hire better, more diverse candidates faster.

How it Works

1. Tell Us What's Important

Fill out a scientifically backed survey to discover the traits the best candidates should possess.

2. Candidates Take Video Interview

Invite candidates to complete the video interview on their own time, freeing up both your time and theirs.

3. Review Only the Best Candidates

Recruiters browse your candidate pool, automatically sorted by their job fit and potential.

4. Hire Smart

Decide who to move forward with, and make an offer almost a month faster than your competitors.

What Others Think

Julien Dagraisse,

CEO, Interviewapp

It solved a major pain point for us: assessing soft skills without bias. Amazing platform and team at Yobs!

Built to scale with you, integrated in your HRIS

Ace your next video interview

Invited to take a video interview for your dream job, but haven't done one before?

We've got your back. Yobs created the Interview Simulator to help candidates get comfortable with the video interviewing tools used by major employers.

Why Practice Video Interviewing?

Soft skills are key in hiring decisions

Practice anytime, anywhere

Video Interviewing is becoming the norm

Modern employers look for adaptability, motivation, problem solving and communication skills more than a GPA or which school you attended. Sharpen your interviewing skills to impress your future recruiters and get the offer you want!
The Yobs Interview Simulator allows you to practice from anywhere, any hour of the day and receive personalized feedback in just a few minutes. It's the perfect tool for the highly prepared, and for those who wait for the last minute alike.
Many employers, including consulting firms and banks use video interviews as part of their hiring process. If you have never done one before, but have been invited to take one or are just curious for future applications, this simulator is for you!

The Science Behind Yobs Video-Based Assessment

We are a team of HR practitioners, data scientists and organizational psychologists working with researchers at Purdue University's "Happiness Measurement Lab" where our research focuses on validity and mitigating adverse impact from biases.

Smart Video Interview Analysis

Speech and Verbal Skills
A candidate's answers are transcribed and analyzed linguistically to understand different elements of language including context, intent and word choice. Similar to how a top recruiter would rate a candidate's answers.
Non Verbal Cues
Words are decoded - analyzing tone, pitch, emotions, and other non verbal elements of communication to provide a full picture of the candidate.
Vetted for Bias
Based on traits predictive of job potential and fit, each candidate is assigned a fitness score, allowing hiring managers to make informed decisions every time.
Tailored for Fit
Our assessment is normalized for adverse impact. All candidates are treated fairly regardless of their idiosyncrasies in order to promote inclusion.

How We Assess for Job Fit & Potential

We evaluate the five most important dimensions of personality and related soft skills for the job, in accordance with the Five Factor Model (FFM) - a model that's used by 75% of the Fortune 500 in hiring and training assessments. With Yobs, employers select their preferences, and are able to view the most relevant candidates for them.


The acceptance of or receptiveness to change or new ideas, processes and environments.


The tendency to be organized and attentive to detail, rigorous, reliable and prefer planned rather than spontaneous behavior.


The tendency to feel most comfortable and energized in the company of others, rather than in solitude.


The ability to create bonds with others quickly and resolve conflicts. It can sometimes be referred to as "people skills".


The tendency to be prone to stress in day to day activities and high-pressure situations.

Creating a Yobs Smart Interview

Our Step by Step Process

Leverage talent reports backed by decades of industrial/organizational psychology research and enriched with thousands of data points, to make game time hiring decisions.
Step 1: Create a talent profile
Fill out a 20 item questionnaire designed and validated by our assessment experts to describe your ideal candidate for the job. For our enterprise customers, Yobs assesses existing top performers to build an even more customized fingerprint for future hires.
Step 2: Customize your Interview
Every job is different. Pick job relevant questions which will be deployed in structured, one way interviews for optimal predictive accuracy and minimal bias.
Step 3: Assess and Rank Candidates
Whether you use Yobs to screen hundreds of entry level applications, or are looking for a more objective assessment of soft skills and personality for senior hires, the Yobs assessment allows you to save time while staying in control of the process.

Soft skills are proven to be the best indicator of long-term job success.

Assess Soft Skills and Fit for 100% of Candidates

Yobs equips talent acquisition, learning and development (L&D) and college admission teams with the tools to screen top candidates faster and more objectively.

Make More Informed Talent Management Decisions Before and After the Hire with Yobs

Hire better, faster with Yobs

Yobs helps companies reduce costs and time to hire while improving hiring outcomes.

Better onboarding for new hires

Onboarding is a key predictor of long term job success. By providing accurate data points on your new hires, Yobs supports onboarding efforts and orientation towards the best fit training programs.

Assess culture fit of candidates at scale

Discover what makes your top employees successful with behavioral insights and use those insights to help predict your new successful hires.

Yobs for Hiring Teams

Our customers range from venture backed businesses to Fortune 500 organizations in industries like retail, financial services, consulting, insurance, technology and staffing. High turnover, slow time to hire, exuberant agency costs, bad culture fit. All the problems our clients face as they start growing their head count, hit hyper growth or run a larger organization. Yobs takes uncertainty out of hiring at scale to create results in talent acquisition while supporting diversity and inclusion efforts.

Yobs for Training and Development

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. What happens when you can't measure the biggest asset of your company - the employees who run it? For many years, the traits of your most successful employees could only be described in passing compliments.
Yobs helps leaders learn more about their employees - new or seasoned - and can help quantify that information with measurable results.
Discover which soft skills or characteristics are drivers of success in each department of your organization and use that data to develop your roadmap for success. From helping to scale training efforts, to improving employee onboarding, Yobs gives you the tools to run a top in-class L&D practice.

We help to uncover the highly qualified job candidates already working for your company

Leverage our intelligent casting engine to position the right employees in the right roles.
Your business and your people will change throughout the business cycles and digital transformation, but it doesn't mean your organization cannot adapt to the challenge. Support internal mobility for your people within teams or across departments by matching them with the opportunities where they are high fit and high potential.

Soft skills are proven to be the best indicator of long-term job success.

Assess Soft Skills, Personality and Fit at Scale

Outgrow your reliance on ineffective & unpredictive resumes

Resumes create subconscious biases based on school, GPA, and name among others, which have little to no correlation with job success, decreasing opportunities for under represented candidates.
Yobs Smart Video Interviews combats these fundamental hiring practices by allowing candidates to truly represent themselves.

Focus your efforts on the data that matters to job success

Almost 85% of candidates lie on their resume. Unlike resumes, Smart Video Interviews offer an objective assessment of candidates. On Yobs, recruiters review an authentic representation of their candidates.

Support diversity & inclusion efforts

Yobs Smart Interviews fights the subconscious, systemic biases that can hide in even the most successful organizations. Invest in diversity and inclusion by adopting predictive hiring and taking talent decisions that are data driven.

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